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Daniel Klibanoff- Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing Impact On Business

There have been several transformations in recent years to direct marketing. However, technology has been one of the most significant changes that have impacted the field to a large extent. The consumer has power in the market today, and the Internet helps them search, research, and order products from the comforts of any place with the click of a mouse. The popularity of the Internet has brought in a whole innovative era of direct marketing; today called online marketing. 



Ø  Daniel Klibanoff on how technology has brought a lot of changes to online marketing 

Daniel Klibanoff is an esteemed serial entrepreneur from Asheville in North Carolina. He has worked as a serial entrepreneur for many decades and has witnessed how direct marketing has influenced direct marketing. He has assisted several businesses to generate several million dollars as revenue since he began his first company way back in 1982. He offers his insight into the two significant ways technology has impacted the conventional method of natural marketing. 

Ø  The rise of the Internet and its impact on businesses across the world 

According to him, the rise of the Internet has significantly impacted direct marketing. Today, offline marketing does have its importance; however, several businesses have decided to focus more on online and social media marketing like email and text messages. 

Online marketing has improved as flyers and brochures of a company have become quite attractive with graphics and appeal when used on digital platforms. These offerings have better pictures and colors. The literature printed by the business is more attention grabbing and aesthetically appealing than before. 

Ø  The use of social media marketing for businesses 

Unlike conventional forms of direct marketing, social media marketing opens the doors of a business to several potential customers across the world. It is hard for direct marketing campaigns to compete with them in this manner. However, he thinks that there are effective ways via which direct marketing and social media marketing can work together. For instance, the weak points of direct marketing can be covered with the help of social media marketing. 

In some cases, direct marketing comes out as too self-promotional, and this, in the process, alienates some of the business's customers. However, the approach is more focused on the customer when it comes to social media marketing. Social media is an arena where the company posts its ideas and products; however, the exception here is that customers can offer their feedback in a real-life setting. This encourages an enhanced natural conversation or a healthy relationship between the business and the customer. 

According to Daniel Klibanoffcampaigns that involve direct marketing, especially those where physical products are sent to the customer's house, are more expensive than campaigns on social media platforms. When you reduce campaigns with direct marketing and you supplement the above reduction with social media marketing campaigns, you can curtail your costs and attract a massive influx of new customers to your business. 


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