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What are the main aims & objectives of RLT (Red Light Therapy)?

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Description automatically generatedThe facts and myths about red light therapy. Before you can get ready for this treatment, it is advisable to keep in mind the uses, side effects, and of course, benefits. Once you do that, you can decide either in favour of or against the treatment option. Red light therapy is multi-beneficial; however, the main objective of the therapy is to help you improve your skin appearance. It is also very important that you go to the right therapist so you can get the best possible results. 

In that regard, it is highly recommended that you first learn about Cheyanne Mallas' expertise. According to current research, the same therapy also has pain management and other skin-dealing outcomes as an added benefit. When talking about the therapeutic application that is used in this therapy is nothing else but light energy. 

Light energy has the natural power to help heal muscular & skin conditions 

In simpler words, when you offer yourself this therapy, Cheyanne Mallas will make use of light energy more than anything else. Light energy has the natural power to help heal muscular and skin conditions that you cannot heal through other treatment options out there. RLT is very useful in healing chronic skin conditions such as tendonitis and scarring. 

All you need to do is expose your body to the slow waves of light through a particular procedure that Cheyanne Mallas will do on the particular body area. When considering the wavelength, it is quite clear that the therapy is safe and the receiver is not going to face any adverse side effects. That being said, the length is just 750 nanometers maximally and 620 minimally, which is not a dangerous or harmful approach on the part of Cheyanne Mallas. So, in the hands of Mallas, you are one hundred per cent safe as an RLT therapy receiver. 

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