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How The Bailing System Works - Everything You Need To Know


If you or your loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense and this is the first time you and your family are experiencing this situation, then you might not be familiar with the legal process. Not everyone understands the bail system and they do not know whom to consult and where to go. 

If you are anxious about your next step and you want your loved one to be out of jail as quickly as possible, then here is a small guide to help you understand the bail system. 

  1. Arrest And Booking Of Individual

When you or your loved one have been found red-handed committing a crime or they have been arrested for the possibility of a crime they might have committed, the police or law enforcement agency will arrest them and take them to jail. 

After the arrest, the individual is booked. Booking is a process in which the police carry out an initial investigation and file the charges against the person officially. 

  1. Bail Hearing In Court

After the arrest, the police are bound to present the accused in the court for bail hearing. You or your loved one will be presented before the court and the court will hear the charges filed against the accused. 

This is the time when you can hire a lawyer to fight for your bail. The court will look into the intensity of the crime and decide whether the accused should be released on bail or not. Make sure that you have a credible lawyer by your side to help you get bail. 

  1. Setting Bail Amount

If the court decides that the accused can be released on bail, it will also decide the amount of money to be paid for bail. There is no standard amount of money and it depends on various factors how much money should be paid for bail.

The judge considers various factors such as the severity of the crime, the records of the criminal arrested, and the chances of the criminal running away. After considering these factors an amount is set that should be paid for bail. 

  1. The Bail Bond Process

When you get to know the amount of bail to be paid, you will have to gather the exact amount. If you have enough cash or credit in your account, then you might not have any problem. However, if you do not have enough money you will have to resort to alternatives. 

You can ask your close friends and family for help. However, if that is not possible for you Port St Joe FL, then you should look for a bail bondsman to provide you with bail bonds port st joe fl. A bondsman will charge a certain percentage of the bail money and pay for the bail upfront. 

  1. Conditions For The Bail

Lastly, you should know getting bail is not simple. The court will also set certain conditions before granting you bail. If you fail to meet those conditions, your bond money will be forfeited and immediate arrest warrants will be released. 

You might also see severity in your punishment, such as increased jail time or more money to be paid. 

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