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What Attracted Indian Consumers to Oppo Mobile Phones So Much?


Oppo smartphones are more well-liked by customers than other brands in India, particularly among millennials and Gen Zers. The brand is highly renowned for its affordability, quality, and specifications. Oppo has a wide selection of recently released mobile phone models if you're searching to buy one in India.

Without a doubt, you can find the greatest smartphone within the given budget. Here are some explanations for why Oppo mobile phones are so well-liked by Indian customers in order to help you understand. Read to know more!

1. Affordable price point:

Of course, pricing plays a significant role in driving sales, especially in the Indian market and among youngsters. The average Indian mobile phone user desires maximum bang for the buck. 

International manufacturers have picked up on this and capitalized on this notion, making Oppo mobiles the best mobile phone brand in India. Moreover, the most popular models of the Oppo mobiles have a pricing range starting from as low as Rs. 9,999.

For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo F21 Pro hits a sweet spot with innovative features, priced at Rs. 25,999. Also, the mid-range price bracket gets affordable to middle-class users and even college students. Thus, the Oppo smartphone offers value for money as they come packed with unbeatable features, making the smartphone models more irresistible.

2. Ample Storage:

Let us look at some exciting features that set the brand apart, making it the most popular mobile phone among Indian consumers. Storage is one of the crucial features, as most applications in the Play Store are heavy. However, Oppo mobiles come with an internal storage of 32GB, which in most cases gets expanded up to 256GB, making it the best mobile brand in India. 

For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo F21 Pro boasts internal storage of 128GB that lets you save multiple files such as movies, audio, and videos. Moreover, it offers two nano SIM card slots with sufficient internal memory to handle all storage-related issues. 

3. 4G/5G capacity:

The Oppo mobiles set the path to success with 4G/5G connectivity, making it the best mobile phone brand among Indian consumers. However, many national manufacturers have not equipped their devices with hardware that cannot handle the latest frequency band. For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo F21 Pro comes with SIM slots, offering 5G, 4G, 3 G, and 2G networks. 

Furthermore, the Oppo mobiles provide Wi-fi, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and OTG support. The integration and connectivity features offered by the Oppo mobiles are top-notch and provide a hassle-free working experience. It is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of Oppo mobiles in India. 

4. Beefy CPU:

The CPU of a smartphone plays a crucial role as it contributes to its smooth functioning. Oppo mobiles mostly come equipped with Snapdragon and MediaTek Dimensity processor CPUs capable of handling current firmware and future updates, making it the best mobile phone brand. 

Moreover, the powerful and energy-efficient CPUs allow you to run demanding software without overheating, thereby attracting buyers' consciousness. For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo Reno 7 features MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor with a multi-core CPU speed, extending more power and faster performance. 

5. High-definition cameras:

Another unique feature that Oppo is known for is its camera and photo quality. Oppo mobiles have mastered the art of featuring innovative camera options and exceptional quality. 

The best mobile phone offers premium camera features as some models flaunt triple rear camera lenses, capturing images up to 50 MP resolution. Besides this, an exceptional front camera drives the younger generation to purchase the smartphone.

Looking for the best selfies to upload on social media. The majority of Oppo smartphones come with an HD high-pixel camera, which you can purchase easily. For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo F21 Pro redefines photography by offering a triple rear camera setup (64MP+2MP+2MP) and a secondary selfie camera of 32MP.

6. Long-lasting batteries:

Along with building a powerful mobile phone, one must concentrate on long-lasting battery life. Battery life is one of the top requirements, and Oppo has proven to last at least a day on a single charge. 

For instance, the newly launched mobile Oppo F21 Pro has a large 4500mAh battery that keeps the device running for long hours. By investing in such hefty battery capacity you can ensure longer hours of battery usage and do not have to worry about the hassles of charging often.

7. Strong after-sales support:

Customer care and after-sales support are the key factors contributing to the popularity of Oppo mobiles in India. The best mobile phone brand offers round-the-clock service and has multiple service centers in each city of India. Moreover, the smartphone's grievance redressal system ensures that you, as a customer, have all your problems solved fully and on time.

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