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Top Reseller Hosting Services Reviewed



Due to a significant rise in the penetration of the internet and increased consumption of data in India the selection of the right Web hosting service can prove to be the make or break of your online business. Regardless of the fact whether you plan to venture into the web hosting business all by yourself or you want powerful hosting solutions for your clients, it is pertinent to master the basics of reseller hosting. Here is the comprehensive guide for you that will provide all the relevant information about the best reseller hosting services in India today.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting lets one acquire hosting resources from a provider and offer them back to other people as a host. It is suitable for web designers, developers and businessmen who would like to provide hosting service as a part of their service portfolio but do not like to deal with VPS servers.

Key Features to Consider

Performance and Reliability: Make sure that the hosting service you choose ensures uptime and has fast speeds, making them vital for the client and the search engines.

Scalability: That is why as your business expands the issue of scalability becomes critical. Search for those providers that can avail those plans that can expand to remain useful as the consumer’s information requirements increase.

White-label Options: The control and possibility to brand hosting services as yours is one more advantage. Find out whether the provider has white-labeling services.

Customer Support: To help is equally good when the technical matter is involved and the clients’ friendly response is needed. Choose those which are recognized for the good quality of the services they provide and customer relations.

The following are the best reseller hosting providers in India.

1. Provider A

Features: Emphasize on the features like storage system such as SSD, complimentary SSL certificates, and backup facilities and many more.

Pricing: Look at the types of prices that are provided and any of the good prices for those that are subscribed annually.

Customer Reviews: It is recommended to incorporate samples of the product from the current users as a way of creating credibility.

2. Provider B

Performance: Explain the availability of servers and the response of servers in independent tests.

Scalability: Explain how fluid it is to scale up the resources as how vast the client base can be

Support: Enumerate scenarios where customer support went beyond what was expected by the customers.

Tips for Getting the Appropriate Reseller Hosting Service

Define Your Needs: Some things that you should look at are; the traffic you expect to have on your site, the storage space needed, and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Tips on Selecting a Reseller Hosting Service

Define Your Needs: Some of the factors that should be considered include; traffic, storage space, and your estimated budget.

Compare Plans: Review price model, built-in/out features, and any additional charges.

Read Reviews: To gain insight on this, it is important to look at genuine unbiase reviews on websites such as Trustpilot or Reddit.


Choosing the right web hosting in India for reseller hosting essentially entails a few factors that include but are not limited to the following;Thus, the choice of an appropriate provider should be done based on this list of criteria, so that the decision matches your business needs.

Additional Tips

Buy Domain Name India: Never leave your business without a good domain name for your business site. Check for availability first and, if you do plan on getting one, then consider the registrars who can integrate with the hosting service provider directly.

Final Thoughts

Entering the area of reseller hosting in India is not very easy but at the same time harbors great opportunities for development and increase in profitability. Equipped with this knowledge you are now set to begin and follow the road map of choosing the best web hosting and domain services in India.


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