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Kanat Sultanbekov New York- Taking Care of Construction Workers to Boost Morale and Productivity On-Site


Project managers on construction sites are team leaders responsible for motivating workers so that their productivity levels are high to complete the project on time. Every construction manager must have good interpersonal skills to entrust tasks to the right worker so that the project's timeline and quality can be maintained successfully.

Kanat Sultanbekov - Construction managers should have good listening skills

Kanat Sultanbekov New York is an experienced and skilled construction manager from New York, known for his exemplary leadership skills and proven track record in completing projects on time with the highest standards of safety. According to him, a good project manager always includes his team in the planning process, where skilled workers with expertise in a particular task are delegated roles and responsibilities to boost the completion of the project on time and within budget.

The manager should earn respect and not boss around the place with arrogance. He must have active listening skills to understand problems to work with the team to resolve them. At the same time, he should never shy away from challenges or embrace accountability for mistakes committed on his part. Every member of the team should be inspired by his presence so that the work on-site is done safely without errors.

Training programs on safety

The construction site is not free from accidents or injuries, so the manager must ensure all the workers get the proper training for power tools and heavy equipment. Hand tools should be given to them when needed, and if any tools are damaged or defective, they should never be used. Instead, they must have a tag labeling them as damaged so that the other workers are protected as well from using them.

Looking after the health of the workers on site

Construction managers must take care of the workers' health on site. In the post-pandemic era, the threat of the coronavirus is still high, so managers should ensure temperature checks are carried out on the site. In case a worker is not feeling well, he should be allowed to rest or go home.

The place's climate also affects the quality of work and the workers' morale. In places where the cold is intense, workers must have a space with a heating system to help them keep warm. They should take breaks and change from wet clothes into dry ones if they work in areas where it rains or snows often.

The workers should be trained on potential health risks when it comes to working in very cold and hot climates. They must have clean water to drink and a place where they can eat their meals. In the summers, they should stay hydrated and wear sunscreen to keep the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays out.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, construction workers should be aware of the dangers of sun exposure, which can be fatal, leading to death, so training should be imparted to them to stay safe. They should learn how to identify signs of fatigue and immediately get into the shaded area to prevent further health complications like heat stroke, fainting, etc.

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