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Selin Sakarcan- An Insight into Plantar Fasciitis


Most people are unaware that the human foot is a complex composition of joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Podiatry refers to a medical branch that deals with the diagnosis and the treatment of ankle, foot, and lower disorders of the leg. A podiatrist is also known as a chiropodist who is a healthcare professional that specializes in foot care.


Selin Sakarcan-treating this condition in the feet 


According to Selin Sakarcana podiatric physician and a fitness enthusiast in the USA, plantar fasciitis is a condition (disease) that causes pain in the feet and some cases, swelling in the bottom of your foot near the heel. 


It refers to the thick band of ligament tissue that begins from the base of your toes and goes up to the soles of the bones of the feet in the front of the heel and connects to the heel bone. Its primary role and function are to help with shock absorption, offer arch support, and give motion to the feet. 


How does the plantar fasciitis get damaged? 


When plantar fasciitis, this band thickens and gets damaged or suffers from tiny tears, making it hard for you to absorb the shock or support the arch, resulting in foot pain. Individuals that suffer from plantar fasciitis experience this pain very early in the morning or after sitting in one place for a long time. 


What are the causes of plantar fasciitis? 


The following are the causes of plantar fasciitis-

· Overusing the feet

· Wearing shoes that do not fit well or offer you proper support, 

· Having a high arch, flat feet and a discrepancy in the length of the leg (where one leg is longer than the other) or where the Achilles Heel is tight and calf muscles that put a lot of stress on the plantar fasciitis 

· Being overweight or obese 

· Walking or even standing for an extended period on a hard surface 


Reduce weight for good foot and ankle health


People should take care of their feet and ankles for good health. Little do they realize that it is crucial to maintain the ideal body weight as the feet and the ankles of a person take the burden of this weight? Being obese or overweight leads to foot pain and injuries if you are not careful. Regular exercise and a balanced diet help one lose weight safely.


According to Selin Sakarcan, you should always wear the proper shoes with support and the right fit. If you experience pain in your feet and ankles, always consult a good podiatrist immediately. 


Most people tend to overlook the health of their feet and ankle; however, you need to ensure they are looked after well. After a bath or a shower, you should always moisturize your feet with a good cream. Wear breathable socks and change your shoes when they lose support and fit. 


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