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Learn About Orthodontics from the Expert Dr. Kami Hoss


The branch of science in dentistry that deals in correcting the position of the teeth is orthodontics. The misaligned and crooked teeth often distort the actual shape of the face. Dr. Kami Hoss and his team of orthodontic experts at the Super Dentist, have been working towards this endearing cause and have successfully helped the people in San Diego to get back their ideal shape of the face.

One physical’s appearance plays a very important role in retaining the confidence of an individual. The teeth are a key component and play a very important role in this respect. Dr. Hoss reports that he has noticed that with the correction of the teeth alignment with the advanced equipment of orthodontics, he could see visible changes in the confidence of the individuals.

It is true the methodology practiced in this branch of dentistry is rather slow; the teeth are not positioned correctly in one sitting. They are slowly and steadily brought back to the rightful angle and position, so that they not only look good and enhance the beauty of an individual. With this they also start to function optimally. A minimum of 18 months is required to realign the teeth properly. This however is dependent on the age and the current oral health of the individual.

Holding a master’s degree in craniofacial biology Dr. Kami Hoss is successfully running his academy creating more assistance in dentistry for practicing orthodontics and the like. Known by the name of Howard Healthcare, founded Dr. Kami Hoss has acquired accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education. This academy is dedicated to training individuals interested in taking up assistance in dentistry as a possible career option.

He is working very hard to reinvent care of the patients by providing them the most safe, fast and most economical but at the same time an extraordinary dental experience. What makes them so special is their endeavor to successfully reduce the time of straightening the teeth positions with the help of braces.

While orthodontics may be commonly associated with a cosmetic approach, there are other benefits too that could be attached to it. The proper maintenance of teeth hygiene is among the foremost. Cleaning the teeth when they are misaligned is difficult. This problem is instantly solved with the rectification in the position of the teeth, thereby giving one a more hygienic oral health. Getting a correction of the teeth’ position also reduces the risk of accidents. People with protruding teeth and an interest in field games such as football is not a good combination, are always at a risk of hurting themselves.

Dr. Kami Hoss understands clearly the dangers that one faces while playing any sport. Getting hurt is a part of the same and in the process, one can end up losing a few teeth. An orthodontic treatment will surely fix the problem and it comes with additional benefits like fixing speech problems, if one has any. Plus, getting the troubled teeth fixed helps one eat well and that improves digestion too. Orthodontics thus helps improve the overall health of an individual.

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