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Ronald Phillips New York- Help Your Child Sail Through a Divorce with Practical Visitation Tips


When it comes to divorce, it is not just between two spouses, but the children are also involved. This is sad for them, but the court allows visitation rights to one of the parents to see them regularly. 

After the divorce, both parents must maintain healthy relationships with the kids as it is emotionally very tough for them to see you separate. 

Ronald Phillips New York- managing visitation rights      

Ronald Phillips New York is an experienced and skilled divorce lawyer known for his expertise in legal practice and dispute resolution. According to him, it is not fair for one parent to funnel their frustrations and anger toward the other parent in front of the child. Children make this constant effort to adjust to the new developments in their life, and the transition is very hard on them. Both parents should understand that their kids will have two homes now. It should be their onus to make these homes as safe and comfortable as possible. 

The following are some practical tips for visitation-

  1. It would help to treat your former spouse with kindness and respect, especially when your children are near.
  2. It would help to focus on routines that offer them security and safety. 
  3. Be understanding and remain flexible with the visitation schedules. 
  4. Always maintain an open line of communication with your ex.
  5. When it comes to rules and disciplining the kids, both parents should mutually agree and consistently follow them. 
  6. Your child should have a special place in your home if they are not staying with you.
  7. If you have more than one child, spend time individually with them. 
  8. It would help if you encouraged visitation with grandparents and other former family members. 
  9. If your children are shifting to a new home with you, help them make new friends in the neighborhood to have a happy and healthy life. 
  10. It would help if you made visitations an enjoyable and regular affair. 

Keeping your life normal for the sake of the kids 

It is difficult; however, for the happiness of your child or children, you need to keep your life as normal as possible. Divorce hurts the child a lot, so it is prudent always to keep this in mind and not act against your former spouse. In this case, both of you are adults, and it is essential to act like one. 

According to Ronald Phillips New Yorkthe above tips help parents deal with their children during visitation after a divorce. If the time of visitation has to be changed, ample notice should be given to the spouse in advance. When it comes to changes in email addresses, phone numbers, and home or work addresses, each other should be informed. Likewise, when it comes to doctor appointments and medical reports of the child, each parent should be kept in the loop. These simple tips will help you support your child with encouragement and love after the divorce.

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